Zoom Meeting Bookings re Lexia Reading, Reading Plus, Symphony Math, or Lucid Assessment programs

Bookings can be for an individual or group.
Choose your training type, then click on a time slot on the next screen.

Please note that during school holidays we may list some free webinar training options for Lexia Reading, Reading Plus and Symphony Math that cover account setup and also monitoring student data. Let us know if you want to be included in one of those sessions.

Phone 03 5280094 or email info@itecnz.co.nz with any questions.

Program Preview Pre-Trial (Free)

An overview of the programs operations, research and pedagogy for teachers and program implementation decision makers.

Appropriate session for discussion or program preview prior to purchase or trial of programs.

School trials are available for: Lexia Core5 Reading / Lexia PowerUp Literacy / Symphony Math / Reading Plus.
We can make recommendations for a successful implementation plan that relates to your goals and setting.

(30 minutes)

Trial Training (Free)

This training option is only for schools with current trials of the Lexia Reading, Reading Plus, or Symphony Math programs.

Trial training must be attended by key staff trialing and we encourage you to invite all other staff interested or involved in the trial to join you.

Please note that time may overrun if multiple staff attend, or you have multiple questions.

(45 minutes)

Testwise New Account Intro (Free)

How to navigate your new Testwise online admin account. Can be done before the account has been created.

The Testwise admin platform is used to administer several different per test online assessments including Exact, CAT4, and Dyslexia/Dyscalculia Screeners. Application of the assessments is not covered in this session.

Staff learning to use these assessments are advised to book GL Assessment Lucid Program PD.

(30 minutes)

GL Assessment Lucid Program PD ($150+gst)

PD for any GL Assessment Lucid program.
Please give an indication of training level required in the comments box eg. Beginner/Advanced, and programs of interest e.g. CoPS/LASS profiling, Rapid Dyslexia Screening, SAC (Exact and Ability), etc.

If multiple staff are attending this session please let us know approximate group size. Keep in mind that the more attendees, the more generic the training needs to be, so followup sessions may be required.

(1 hour and 15 minutes)
NZD 172.50

Reading or Math Program PD ($75+gst)

Personalised PD for our math or reading programs - Lexia Core5 Reading / Lexia PowerUp Literacy / Symphony Math / Reading Plus.
We can personalise to meet the needs of staff at all experience levels including those who are fairly new to the program and need help with navigating the teacher portal and how the student program works.

(1 hour)
NZD 86.25